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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  August 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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>> in fact the suspect, cut the officer's hand and that officer had no other choice but to shoot the suspect twice and killing him. >> it started at 75th avenue and indian school road last night. >> there was a witness at the homicide scene that reported she heard an argument outside and then she heard one shots and driveway. >> that witness took note of the suspect's car and police were led to finding the suspect here on 43rd avenue. that suspect was her uncle. >> my mom told me he passed away. he didn't do anything at the moment. he didn't say anything. he didn't resist arrest.
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hand, five officers went into the apartment this morning and according to police, cindy's uncle was not sleeping. >> they announced themselves. they used the lights to see what was inside. they entered a bedroom and the suspect came out of the closet with a knife and cut the lead officer that was going into the room. >> the 14 year veteran of the police department in self- defense hospital for the cut on his hand. >> he's back on the scene where he can be interviewed. >> questions remain for the dead suspect's family. they believe police may have the wrong man. >> the car doesn't work. there's no way he was over there. >> the police tell us they don't know what the initial argument was over between the
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the suspect that's dead at the apartments. they say that their investigation continues. there's another officer- involved shooting under investigation, this is in mesa. police say they were investigating the murder of willy thomas when they confronted the suspect in the crime, he tried the drive off. the officer stopped him and the suspect was armed. officers opened fire and killed the suspect. police are investigating a deadly shooting that left the leader of a mosque and another man dead. they were shot in broad daylight as they walked out of the mosque. police don't know the motive at this point. two burglars helping themselves to a homeowners
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flashlights. police say they didn't seem nerveis -- nevis. >> they don't appear to be in a hurry. it looked like they are shopping. selecting items before they leave. >> a woman trying to sell her home found a guy inside not looking to buy, but looking to steal. that's him in the carafe an argument -- car, after an argument he $5,000 of her things. thieves are targeting drivers at the gas pump. there's been 12 skimming devices at gas stations. more than all of last year. they were discovered at gas stations all over. they are stealing debit and credit card information. >> it's scary knowing you can pay for gas and get rippedoff.
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we want to have our own gas and want our account to be safe. >> the easiest way to protect yourself is to pay inside. >> a campaign worker for right wing party has been indicted on charges. george cottrell agreed to hunter money -- launder money. he's accused 2 the reward is bigger to catch the person who killed three wile burros. there's a $7,500 reward. it's illegal to kill or mess with wild burros. >> arizona. hay was spilt on the roadway.
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the intersection was shut down for hours. it was warm today. 108 was the high. we hit that this afternoon. record 115 set in 2012. we've had storm systems to the east and the southeast of us. a lot of lightning and heavy pockets of rain. we have a flood advisory for the sierra vista area until 8:00 this evening. we're going to see moving south. not expecting them to move up into our area. drier air is moving in. 106 right now. 111 in bullhead city. and 76 in flagstaff. as we head through the rest of the evening, clouds will be out there. 103 by 8:00. 93degrees by 10:00 tonight. we'll look at what you can expect for the rest of the
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everyone wants to know. what's the gic number. how much arizona would have to pay teachers to attract more of them. >> sun devils move in. the class of 2020 is taking
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we want to update you on the standoff. we know who the man is that was involved. wanted for shooting at his girlfriend. she was not hurt. s.w.a.t. responded and tried to get the man out of the home for two hours. deputies used tear gas and shot
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bullet. dogs attacked the sheriff k-9. the suspect is in custody. most people agree, arizona teachers should be paid more money but nobody talks about what that number should be. carlos diaz looked for the number. >> how bad is teacher pay in our state. arizona is near the worst in have that never saw a comma in their check. >> i was teacher of the year, i had been teaching for 13 years and i didn't break $40,000 a year. >> jonathan parker and christie are staying put, others are looking for better pay. >> we lost two teachers, one went back to work in insurance because she would make more money.
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teachers to attract more. in the open job market are teachers under pay. >> if i'm the leader of individuals that's an asset. >> he finds people jobs at robert hatch. what men and women could make outside of the teaching profession. >> a path teacher making $35,000 >> they could make $65,000. >> a strong computer programmers, 65 to 95 depending on the experience. technical writing is an -- an li cal. 45,000to $75,000 a year. >> is there a skill set that would be valuable in the job market. >> the most in demand will be in science, technology,
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at a math teacher and say don't leave and go to this engineering job where you can make $75,000 more a year. >> the median salary is $40,000 a year. there are several advantages to be a teacher and laird is aware of this. >> i will say about my wife, should she have been paid more. the passion she had for the job an monetary value we wish would show up on a check. >> we want to know what you think, what should the average teacher make in arizona. take our poll. if you would like to read what the changing state of arizona you can reddit.
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all the freshmen are moving in. they moved in yesterday. today was the rest of the campus' turn. >> hundreds of volunteers here today to take this stuff up to the room. the parents and they can bond together the last few moments before they move into the dorm. >> classes back in session on thursday. the kid's back in school. the cardinals have work to do after their first preseason game, taking care of the ball was an issue. the first teamers played well. carson palmer grooving.
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heavy rains in
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miss mississippi. flooding has shut down highways. the rain is still falling and the governor says it's going to get worse. >> the national guard used a helicopter to rescue a man in louisiana today. more than a thousand people had to be pulled to safety after flooding. >> our house has gone under. our horses, everything is under. >> the rain started falling friday causing rivers to over flow their roads are closed. >> in walker louisiana, caskets were floating above ground. officials expect another 4 to 6 inches of rain to fall before it's over. watches and warnings are in effect. the governor of louisiana has declared a state of emergency. >> asking everyone to evacuate if you're supposed to do that. >> in the neighborhood the
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she's trying to recover from five months ago. >> the pitches are -- pictures are in the green rubbermaid. >> let's look at the doppler, the stretch of storms from houston through st. louis, we have several flash flood watches and warnings for northern new york for us right now. down to louisiana where we the heavy rain right now. a center of two isolated systems hitting houston. they have several inches of rain. the red is the flood warning and so these will be in place until tomorrow. the green on the outside is a flood advisory. in the center of downtown houston they are under a flood watch throughout the evening because of the heavy rain.
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just a few clouds that have been moving through. we've kept the storms from the east and the southeast. 108 the high, 105 the average. by started off at 84 and warms quickly. we kept the storms to our east and southeast throughout the afternoon, anything we had north of the valley fizzled out. isolated rain, mainly over the higher terrain. nothing making its way into tucson. you get the cells to the west of the sierra vista area and get a little bit that's redeveloping for them. they will have a stormy night. 106 in phoenix. 76 in flagstaff. 72 in show low. our dew point are dropping around the state.
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we have drier air pushing in. ring over the west coast, drier air moves in. pushes the moisture to the east for now, we start to see this flatten out. we'll push the dry air out. moisture to come up from the south. tonight 84 for us in phoenix. 48 in flagstaff. 63 92 tomorrow in the prescott. 82 for flagstaff. 107 our expected high. we'll continue to warm heading into the start of the week. nice and dry through wednesday. thursday we'll increase the moisture. a 10% chance of activity. models showing the best chance to see rain in the valley will
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the tape doesn't lie, bruise aryans and his staff have sliced the video of big red's preseason. the first team offense was sharp. big red marches 10 plays. 73yards. michael floyd, 30-yard pick up. palmer three of five for 38 yards. david johnson, 31 yards and three ie 23-yard gain, leads to a field goal. nelson coughs up the ball. gives it back in the 19-yard line. the second team defense doesn't hold. mcgloin, got a touchdown. >> brandon williams a burner for a touchdown.
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i thought the good players played well. got 'em out quickly. they were successful and showed up ready to play. i thought individually there were good things with the young players. >> we had explosive plays. one on a run, one on a pass. it leaves you feeling like a tease. you want to get a couple more series in, but being the first game it is what i felt it was a good job. >> larry fitzgerald expects to have another good year. year 13 and only two touchdown receptions from 100. we caught up with him promoting his supper club. >> i want people to come in and get a chance to meet the guys you saw on the documentary last year. you see the quality of human
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>> i am ready for football. chiefs and salks -- shahs -- seahawks. kc up 7-0. russell wilson, so happy getting married in the off- season. not happy getting picked off. the seahawks win. >> the snake pit is the place to be. the rattlers facing the gladiators. the winner goes to the arena bowl. a win and the rattlers host the arena bowl. three weeks from today the sun devils open the season against nau. parking can be a bear. asu with a 2x4 on the shoulder after getting no preseason love.
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3. that's not what we're aiming for. this class reminds me of my class, they can do what we do and make an impact to game. >> both sides of the ball are bringing a lot to the table. we're spited to get the season going and work -- excited to get the season going. finish camp strong. rich rodriquez anth wildcats opened in glendale. who the start at quarterback. >> dawkins could lead in the opener. >> the leadership has been a big thing for me. my word holds more weight. i can talk to the guys. i call this make sure you're looking at this and doing that. people hold my word higher. >> should be an interesting
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cardinals. you have to return at 10:00, it involves the rams and coach
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one last look at the forecast. dry and warm as we head through 107 the high. 108 on monday and tuesday a chance of showers. we have to wait a week. that's okay. it was a wet week for us. >> can i say one thing. pay or teachers. there you go. the hard working teachers. >> that will do it for the news.
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? this time we can't go wrong ? ? this time ? ? this time we can't go wrong, this time... ? team leader (over radio): visual or not, assume the hostages are still alive. let's do this. on my mark... go. ? gonna take it down, gonna take it down... ? (laughing) ? gonna take it down, gonna take it down... ? ? gonna take it down... ? holy... team leader: what the hell? ? ...this down in history ? what the...? newscaster: channel six news obtained this footage of the raid. gerald: with apologies to mr. rick james. you, sir, are the super freak. newscaster: the 911 call reporting a hostage crisis turned out to be a hoax. inside, the swat team was shocked to discover prominent televangelist walter brighton with two call girls and thousas in illegal drugs.
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your cousin is really enjoying this. a televangelist caught with hookers and drugs... there's a lot of people enjoying this. okay, here's my question: this is the same guy who's telling everybody that you have to be pure and holy. well, why is he the one who gets to pop pills, and feel on prostitutes' boobies? i'm glad that brighton got exposed. i know swatting is stupid and dangerous, okay? but you guys, this is a con man who has been ripping off desperate, and trusting people for more than 30 years. what is ?swatting?? a seriously twisted prank using a phony 911 call to send a swat team crashing into someone else's house. and that's a prank? there's some sick people in this world. (phone rings) gerald (laughing): yeah, like brighton. message from cole. she wants us to come in. i bet it's regarding that. this is a prank phone call. we're detectives. how about this for a bet: cole asks us to investigate a prank phone call, and i'll kiss you square on the lips.


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